High rate of Media

We collaborate with 25 world most efficient businesses & crypto media websites and the list keeps growing.
Rating methodology:
  • Only IDACB partners are included
  • We explore most popular media rankings and calculate aggregate positions
  • We take into account number of monthly unique visitors, average visit duration, and citation index


IDACB media partners offer a discount of up to 50% on the placement of advertising and PR materials: news, press releases, and articles.


IDACB offers placement of PR and advertisement at understated prices. Here we include press-releases, news, articles, and banners for the international and regional businesses and blockchain media at a discounted rate of up to 50% and placement within 10 days.


Our experience in collaborating with media allows us to prepare a valid media plan for your project and choose the right media for the implementation of the goals and objectives of your ICO project.
To start collaborating with IDACB on media placement please fill out the following form or just send us a letter to media@idacb.com